Is Anything Wrong With Being Introverted?

Hey guys,

Today’s post is a question. So is anything wrong with being introverted?

I’ve struggled with accepting the fact that I am an introvert and I don’t understand why. Maybe I do, I mean, I know I want to be seen as a person that is outspoken, not shy, has a lot of friends etc but the truth is I’m not any of these things.

My life on the internet is different from my life offline. Okay pause, I don’t mean it that way.

When you see my tweets on twitter or my posts on IG you’d think I’m an extrovert but the thing is I’m just able to express myself better online than offline.

I used to have a problem accepting my introverted self but now, I’m embracing it because at the end of the day it is who I am. I have tried to be an extrovert but I don’t flow with it.

So back to my question, is anything wrong with being introverted? I think not,

Please do share your responses in the comments section I’d love to hear from you l.

With love,

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Skin Care: what I do/use

Hello Hunnays,

Been a minute since my last post. I have been really lazy putting up a post and I apologize.

Let’s just get right into today’s post: my skin care products

Some days ago I was looking at pictures I took of myself and couldn’t help but appreciate my beautiful dark, melanin skin and in the era where people bleach their skins, I am really grateful for my dark one and I think you should too. Black is beautiful.

I’d be sharing with you what I do to take care of my skin and I hope it helps you one way or the other.

Before I go on, you need to understand what your skin wants- this is the most important tip ever. Know what works for your skin. The skin is a very delicate part of your body and knowing what goes and what doesn’t helps a lot. Overtime, I realized what works for my skin and it’s been a great journey since I started using only what works.

So, let’s get into my skin care products:

A) Face soap: like I said earlier, knowing what works for you is really important. I discovered that when I use certain medicated soaps on my face, I tend to have pimples all over so I stopped using them and just use any soap that doesn’t have medicated or antiseptic in its name. However, I started using Safeguard recently and my face has been almost smooth. I also do not use black soap for my face because I also tend to break out when I do.

B) Black Soap: I don’t use it for my face but I use it for other parts of my body. It’s organic, natural and really healthy for the skin.

C) Shea butter and coconut oil: I use the mix of both as body lotion and it gives me that natural body glow.

D) Face cream: I don’t use my Shea butter and coconut oil mix for my face because I have also discovered that any form of oil on my face causes breakouts for me so anything that doesn’t involve oil is perfect for my face. I also don’t use anything with chemicals. Any facial cream with just natural products is fine.

E) No makeup: I literally use nothing, not even powder on my face asides my lip gloss everyday except I have a wedding to attend or any special event and it’s been really helpful. It gives my face that fresh, youthful look. The makeup-free face also gives room for your face to breathe.

I hope these tips are helpful. Please do let me know in the comments section and also what skin care products you use.

N.B: Nobody’s skin is perfect so don’t be too hard on yourself, find out what works for you and be consistent.

Lastly, drink water and mind your business lol. Seriously though, does that work?

Till next time, ciao.

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For The Love of…


I have a blog post. I’m not sure you understand how hard i’ve been trying to come up with a blog post but it finally came to me lol.

How are you doing? Miss me? I hope you did.

What am I writing about today, hmmm, Music. I didn’t want to give it away in the topic lol.

Music is power, it is beauty that keeps redefining itself, it is one blessing I’m super grateful for or am i the only one on this train?

I love music a lot but tend to forget it exists sometimes especially when I’m so caught up with stuff and as soon as I remember, the music girl in me jacks up and then we go through the cycle again.

Anyway, today is one of the days I appreciate music and I thought to share with you my current fave songs.

In no particular order, here goes the list:










I hope you enjoyed the list.

What are your current fave songs? Please do share in the comments section.

Till next time, ciao

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How To: Create Your Own Happiness

Hey hunnays,

How are you doing? And who is psyched December is just around the corner? I know i am.

It’s very easy for one to be sad you know, from being broke to having family issues, stress at work, state of the country, the list is endless. All i’m trying to say is one can easily just be sad.

I have come to understand that one needs to make a conscious effort to be happy and I have a list of ideas on how to create your own happiness.

1) Listen to music- I have noticed whenever I listen to music i’m in another zone, a good one. New music, old ones, as long as they’re not sad lol.

2) Have breakfast- Asides the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, i’ve come to notice that when I haven’t had breakfast I tend to be grumpy so make it a habit to eat breakfast.

3) Watch comedy- I know, not all sitcoms/comedy movies and shows are actually funny. I hope you find the ones that are funny enough to make you laugh and forget whatever it is that is making you sad.

4) Pray- I know that after I pray I have this peace and when you have peace, you have happiness. Try to make it a habit of praying especially about the things that are making you sad. God loves you and doesn’t want you to ever be sad.

5) Have a really good meal- I know I mentioned breakfast earlier but am I the only one that understands the joy that comes after eating a really good meal? Lol. Some foods make you sad sometimes, I am not even going to lie here. Once in a while, when you can afford to, treat yourself to some fancy meal except you’re like somebody I know that isn’t a fan of food *eyes rolling*

6) Practice your hobby- I love to sketch outfits and it makes me happy when I do them. Do you love to garden? Maybe paint or just dance? Why not try doing that hobby whenever you’re sad.

7) Sleep- You thought I’d leave this one out? Nope lol. The last of my long list is sleep. You know one way of avoiding things is sleeping it through lol, not a good way but it’s a way. When we are sad, all we are probably missing is a good sleep. Try sleeping when you’re out of options 1-6 of which I’m sure you’d have snapped out of the sadness before option 7 so…

Hope my list is helpful? Please do share with your friends and family and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on future posts.

Till next time, ciao

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OOTW: Your Monday-Friday Sorted

Hey loves,

You’re probably wondering what OOTW means right? It means outfits of the week.

Planning your outfits for the week can be really stressful. Do I hear a “I don’t plan my outfits for the week”. Trust me, you totally should have them planned out. I am usually relieved every day that I don’t have to think of what to wear because I already had it planned out over the weekend.

Okay, to the reason why we are here, I’d be giving you a one week guide to planning your outfits. Excited? because i am.

Monday- For the first day of the week, I tend to look all serious and bossy with my look. A white shirt and fitted trouser or skirt will do.

Tuesday- By the second day of the week, I’m beginning to get a bit relaxed with what I wear so a fitted dress it is. You can pair the dress with a shirt that has a collar so the shirt is beneath the dress and collar is over the dress. If the shirt is long-sleeved, you can lay the collar of the shirt over the dress sleeve.

Wednesday- It is mid-week and the excitement that the weekend is almost here shows in my outfit lol. A fitted 3/4 trousers with a bright-coloured blazer is the way to go.

Thursday- By today, I’m super relaxed with my outfit choice. A simple dress or a skirt with blouse does it for me.

Friday- It is a casual day for me. A T-shirt and jeans trousers/skirt or a short off-the-shoulder dress is perfect to end the week.

I hope my outfit ideas will help you through the week.

Till next time, ciao

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Things I’m Currently Loving

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Hello Darlings,

It’s been a while I posted here, I apologize. I have been really lazy with writing but I promise to try harder and post as often.

I’ve had this post sitting in my drafts for a while now, damn laziness.

I would be talking about things that I’m currently loving. If you follow me on IG @seyifunmioye you would know I’m a huge fan of Pinterest check it out here . That app is my happy place, no jokes. From fashion, to food and interior decor, there are lots of beautiful pictures that inspire and make me happy so I thought to share some of them here:

1) BagsI love bags and love them even more when they aren’t the regular types. These ones are my current faves; the colours and shapes are a beauty to behold

2) ShoesWhat follows after bags? Shoes of course. I don’t know if you noticed but mules are in season right now. This particular one got me with the colour.

3) DecorOne of the things I love about Pinterest is the inspiration I get on a daily. When I got a place and needed to start the decoration, Pinterest was my go-to. I even realized on there I’m a minimalist when it comes to interior decor. I’m still decorating my apartment and it’s coming out nice thanks to Pinterest .

4) FoodI LOVE FOOD. I wrote that in block letters for emphasis lol. I love food so much that pictures of it alone brings me joy, am I alone? Anyway, I have been eating a lot of pancakes and drinking lots of green tea.

5) DiysThis diy idea has been in my head for a while now but laziness… Are you into diys?

6) QuotesWe all need to hear/read words that lifts us up and inspires us every now and then. I made it an habit to share a motivational quote on my IG story and I hope someone is inspired every time I post them.

7) FashionThis pretty skirt has my name all over it. The polka dots, the many layers and detailing are my faves. I definitely want to own one.

What are you currently loving? Please do share in the comments section below, I’d love to hear from you.

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Most pictures were gotten from Pinterest, you can check them out here Pinterest


Berets: The New Fashion Trend

Hey Darlings,

Happy Weekend.

I am not one to jump on trends but since the beret happened, I have been eyeing it.

Berets are a type of cap you wear on your head and they are a common fashion to the French ladies.

Most Sundays here in Nigeria too, women wear them to cover their hair when in church. I remember having one in secondary school. I went to a baptist school and it was compulsory to cover your hair when in church.

Thinking back now, I hated it then. We didn’t think it was cool lol, look who is wearing one now.

Anyway, I especially love this trend because it’s stylish and adds class to your overall look.

I’d be giving you tips on how to rock the trend perfectly:

1) Go for colourful ones- Things are prettier with colours in them.

2) Wear it with confidence- I imagine myself being a French girl in Paris lol. Seriously though, one sure way to rock the trend is with confidence. People will stare, others will ask if you are in the choir, yeah, I was asked that question, the worst I was even asked is if I was in a cult? Nigerians are unbelievable. See why I said you need that confidence.

3) The trend is for all- Yes, you read that right. Berets can be worn by both men and women. Cool right?

Berets can be embellished with rings, chains, beads, etc and they also come in different colors and can be worn over anything from shorts to trousers, dresses to skirts you name it. They are pretty affordable too, got mine for 800 naira.

Have i convinced you enough to get a beret yet? Or you even own one already? Please do share your thoughts down in the comments section below:

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Outfit Details: Dress- @jolaadeofficial on IG

Beret- Aleshinloye Market in Ibadan

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Till next time, ciao.


Hey Lovers,It’s my birthday today!!!

You know how you’re excited about something months to come but as the day draws near you’re so not excited anymore. Well, that’s how my birthday has been for the past few years now.

Nothing usually happens on my birthday and it’s fine because left to me I want the day to disappear, am I alone on this?

I’m just glad I’m alive and my family is well too #blessed

I love my look in the pictures by the way, let me share a quick story:

It’s a purple suit, made by @jolaadeofficial on IG (my fashion brand). You know how you have an idea in your head and the execution is a failure? Well, that’s the suit story. It didn’t come out as I expected. The colour was wrong, the fabric was wrong. I wore it to work once and I felt I looked like a clown. The faces I got at the office too weren’t the usual *hey, I love what you’re wearing* look I usually get. It was a total fail lol.

What better way to rock it again than on your birthday yeah? I’m calling it my birthday suit lol. Paired the suit with some sneakers and I love the result. Makes me look like the badass that i am lmao.

I should do a post on how to pair sneakers with basically anything, I’d like to think I’m a guru at this.

How do you feel about birthdays and how do you celebrate them? Please do share in the comments section, maybe I can pick a thing or two birthday rituals.

Till next time, ciao.

Outfit details:Birthday Suit @jolaadeoffical on IG

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Makeup and photography @thelolaoyetunji also on IG

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Sharing is fun, please share this post on your various social media platforms, it would be an amazing birthday gift.

Thank you.


Hey y’all,Welcome to my little blog space *claps*

I have struggled with having a blog for so long but look who is finally writing again, me.

I used to have a blog some 4/5 years ago but stopped midway. It then took me another 1 year to realize how much I miss and love writing, struggled between getting my old blog back or starting afresh with a new one, a name for the blog which miraculously came to mind just this morning for this to eventually get here.

I sincerely miss this and can’t wait to drop posts every now and then. I’m really excited can you tell?

I hope you join me on this blog journey and I promise to make your stay here worthwhile. Yes you’d be staying because you’re subscribing right now lol, thank you in advance.

What I’d be writing about? Fashion of course and a little bit of lifestyle too.

Till next time when I come your way again stay beautiful.

Outfit Details:Shirt- Dad’s

Mom Jeans- Thrifted

Shoes- Bought from a random store

Rings- Not sure, let me think

Photo credit before she kills me lol- thelolaoyetunji

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