Hey Lovers,It’s my birthday today!!!

You know how you’re excited about something months to come but as the day draws near you’re so not excited anymore. Well, that’s how my birthday has been for the past few years now.

Nothing usually happens on my birthday and it’s fine because left to me I want the day to disappear, am I alone on this?

I’m just glad I’m alive and my family is well too #blessed

I love my look in the pictures by the way, let me share a quick story:

It’s a purple suit, made by @jolaadeofficial on IG (my fashion brand). You know how you have an idea in your head and the execution is a failure? Well, that’s the suit story. It didn’t come out as I expected. The colour was wrong, the fabric was wrong. I wore it to work once and I felt I looked like a clown. The faces I got at the office too weren’t the usual *hey, I love what you’re wearing* look I usually get. It was a total fail lol.

What better way to rock it again than on your birthday yeah? I’m calling it my birthday suit lol. Paired the suit with some sneakers and I love the result. Makes me look like the badass that i am lmao.

I should do a post on how to pair sneakers with basically anything, I’d like to think I’m a guru at this.

How do you feel about birthdays and how do you celebrate them? Please do share in the comments section, maybe I can pick a thing or two birthday rituals.

Till next time, ciao.

Outfit details:Birthday Suit @jolaadeoffical on IG

Follow her here http://www.instagram.com/jolaadeofficial

Makeup and photography @thelolaoyetunji also on IG

Follow her here http://www.instagram.com/thelolaoyetunji

Sharing is fun, please share this post on your various social media platforms, it would be an amazing birthday gift.

Thank you.


Hey y’all,Welcome to my little blog space *claps*

I have struggled with having a blog for so long but look who is finally writing again, me.

I used to have a blog some 4/5 years ago but stopped midway. It then took me another 1 year to realize how much I miss and love writing, struggled between getting my old blog back or starting afresh with a new one, a name for the blog which miraculously came to mind just this morning for this to eventually get here.

I sincerely miss this and can’t wait to drop posts every now and then. I’m really excited can you tell?

I hope you join me on this blog journey and I promise to make your stay here worthwhile. Yes you’d be staying because you’re subscribing right now lol, thank you in advance.

What I’d be writing about? Fashion of course and a little bit of lifestyle too.

Till next time when I come your way again stay beautiful.

Outfit Details:Shirt- Dad’s

Mom Jeans- Thrifted

Shoes- Bought from a random store

Rings- Not sure, let me think

Photo credit before she kills me lol- thelolaoyetunji

Follow her blog here- http://www.lifewithlolaoyetunji.wordpress.com

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